The laboratory of medicine production technologies

With using innovation technologies, carrying out scientific research in the sphere of getting difference medical products, with collecting bioactive material from local substance, medical plants and minerals.

  • Using modern technologies of extraction from medicinal plants: extractions, isolation of bioactive substances;
  • Verification of isolated bioactive substances of medicinal plants: qualitative, quantitative indicators;
  • Carrying out analyzes of medicinal plants: phytochemical analyzes, antioxidant activity, determination of the amount of ascorbic acid, determination of moisture, determination of the amount of essential oils;
  • Performing analyzes on spectrophotometry and thin-layer chromatography equipment: identification of bioactive substances in plants;
  • Polarimetry: determination of the amount of starch, etc.;
  • Refractometry: determination of the refractive index, glucose, fructose, sucrose;
  • Colorimetry (determination of the color of products): dry (powder), liquid forms of food and other products.