The laboratory of the biotechnologies

Biotechnology is a branch of biological science that specializes in the development of genetic programs and the creation of new species of microorganisms, plants, and animals on its basis. In other words, biotechnology is the science of creating new plant varieties, animal breeds, and microorganisms strains based on the achievements of cellular and genetic engineering.

The main issues in the creation of food abundance in our country, identification of the genetic composition of food products, the development of productive varieties of agricultural crops, which contain the new desired characteristics, and the creation of ecologically clean biopreparations in solving their phytopathological problems are the main issues. A Biotechnology Laboratory has been set up within the Technology Center to address these issues for achieving positive results. The laboratory consists of a department head, two senior researchers, three researchers, two junior researchers, and one laboratory worker. The majority of labaratory working class in the laboratory are young people. Some of them are the winners of the annual Young Scientists Competition organized by the Academy of Sciences of Turkmenistan and the Youths Organization of Turkmenistan named after Magtymguly.

The Biotechnology Laboratory conducts research in the fields of biotechnology, molecular biology, molecular genetics, mycology, microbiology and agrotechnics.

The Biotechnology Laboratory had been working such themes on the “In vitro Development of Medicinal Plants in Biotechnology and its Immunomodulatory Properties” (2015-2016), “Biotechnology Methods for Plant Breeding and Physiological Research” (2017-2019) Development and implementation of biological methods of crop salt extraction and preparation for precise sowing of cotton ”(2017-2019),“ Research on DNA of agricultural crops (cotton and wheat) ”(2018-2020),“ Development of biotechnology ” reproduction and their microbiological research ”(2019-2020).

The laboratory is currently conducting research on the use of biotechnology in the development of medicinal plants, edible mushrooms and stands against fungal diseases of various trees. The purpose of this research is to grow edible mushrooms, agricultural crops and to identify micro-organisms that are harmful to them and to prepare environmentally friendly biopreparations against them.

Biotechnology Laboratory Researches:

  1. Detection of GMOs on genetically modified organisms in food raw materials and food products
  2. Verification the purity of agricultural crops with the help of DNA markers (DNA identification)
  3. In vitro cultivation of biotechnology in herbal plants
  4. Development of beneficial strains of micromycetes, detection of their antagonistic properties and preparation of biopreparations from them

Experienced researchers of the laboratory also accomplish researches on the basis of private orders:

  1. pH, structure and bio-loading tests of face masks
  2. Micro-biological and mycological studies of soil and water samples
  3. Verification of plant seed purity
  4. Phytopathological examination of plants
  5. Checking the salinity of soil samples
  6. Microbiological analyses of antifungal agents
  7. Microbiological (toxicological) researches and quantitative analyses of humidity, caloric content, protein and crudity oil of bread

Molecular-genetic, mycological, phytopathological, microbiological research conducted in the Biotechnology Laboratory will lead to positive results in solving the problems of agriculture, medicine, pharmaceutical industry and other sectors of our country.

  • Microbiological cleaning: soil from oil sludge;
  • Development of biological preparations based on: micromycetes, azotobacteria;
  • Biotechnological research of agricultural crops: testing for GMOs, identification of pathogens and development of biological measures to combat them;
  • Creation of biological preparations to combat: fungal diseases of agricultural crops, soil salinization;
  • Creation of microbiological preparations for cleaning: production facilities, heating boilers.