The Nanotechnology laboratory

Focuses on synthesis of nanoparticles and nano-layers, synthesis of new materials with different properties, research and development of new photovoltaic materials.

To conduct research works on the production of nanoparticles of various metals and the synthesis of carbon nanotubes to improve the quality of products in our country. Obtaining thin layers of various metals and oxides by molecular beam epitaxy and thermal deposition. Conducting microscopic analysis using an optical microscope (x10000), a digital laser 3D microscope (x25000), a scanning electron microscope and an atomic force microscope.

  • Carrying out analyzes of textile products: for fiber thickness, calculation of the diameter of voids between fibers, fabric thickness;
  • Carrying out studies of samples of solids under a microscope: determining the chemical composition, determining the shape of the surface at the nano level, studying the element of cartography;
  • Obtaining carbon nanotubes from local raw materials: used to enhance various characteristics of various products;
  • Obtaining nanoparticles of various metals: used to enhance various characteristics of various products.