Digital Library

The E-library of the Technology Center has a link to foreign libraries via internet which allows the use of the e-books and information provided by those libraries. There is also a robot scanner in this library,y which is designed to convert books to their electronic versions.

Printing House

The Printing Centre is equipped with modern printing equipments of Germany’s Heidelberg Company, which are completely automated and computerized, and are supplied with printer of fi ve colored offset papers, pressing and punching equipments.

Performs high-quality printing work: books, magazines, binding, booklets, business cards, postcards, calendars, forms, notepads, lamination, foiling, perforation.

Center for Entrepreneurship Development

This is an unauthorized center as part of the Technology Center, which participates in the work carried out within the framework of state programs and plans for the development of innovations in the country, influences the development of entrepreneurship together with scientific and higher educational institutions, works together with employees of laboratories and departments on scientific and technical entrepreneurship, carries out activities for the mass attraction of youth to technological entrepreneurship, organization of work on the allocation of youth grants for the creation of start-ups, attraction of investments in start-ups, organization of business development trainings, creation of start-up projects.

Technology transfer center

The Technology Transfer Center started up from January 2022 as a structural unit of the Technology Center of Science Academy of Turkmenistan. The main goal of the Center is supporting to promote the innovatiýe and investing projects through commercialization of scientific projects, results of scientific research experimental technological and design-engineering work.

In accordance with the goal, the main objectives of the TTC are:

  • to perform consulting services within the framework of the TTC’s activity;
  • to provide expert assessment and making recommendations on the commercializing of the most perspective projects, developments and results of intellectual activity;
  • to collect and analyze of information on innovative ideas and technologies, to conduct preliminary marketing research;
  • to support the protection of the intellectual property’s rights;
  • to involve clients to the results of scientific research and development works;
  • to create and promote start-up businesses, business-incubators with the support of the Technology Center;
  • to involve financial resources for commercialization of scientific projects and ideas.

To achieve the objectives, the TTC performs activities in the following areas:

  • conducting expertise on assessment of commercial possibility of scientific projects, developments and ideas;
  • carrying out activities on protection of the rights, transfer and use of intellectual property, including patenting, filing and submitting the applications;
  • consulting and methodological support in economic, financial, legal aspects, development of standards, feasibility studies, business plans, etc.;
  • supporting on development and promotion of innovative projects and developments, following-up;
  • finding funding for innovative projects, including technology transfer projects;
  • presenting of developments on competitions, grants, exhibitions, negotiations with potential customers;
  • organization of joint events for representatives of science, business and other interested parties, stakeholders (seminars, conferences, working spheres, round tables and etc.);
  • organizing competitions of innovative ideas and other events for selecting perspective technologies;
  • building start-up businesses and business-incubators based on innovative technologies;
  • providing services to develop international cooperation with international organizations, foreign scientific and technical, design and engineering, innovative and industrial companies;
  • consulting to involve local and foreign investments; investors, business partners;
  • implementation of consulting services on commercialization of scientific and technical developments, technology transfer;
  • providing services on promotional activities, preparing advertising products; services for information promotion of created goods, technologies, services, organizational and technical solutions;
  • technological audit of innovative technologies and enterprises.

Department of design, assemby and maintenance of experimental equipment

The Workshop is designed for working on systems with low power and capacity of product samples. There are an ultrasound, laser, and argon modern equipment, managed with automated program, materials for sharpening, grinding, cutting and drilling, hydrogen and oxygen generators, and hydraulic shears for pressing.

  • Performs all types of: high-precision turning, drilling;
  • Performing various types of grinding work: abrasive removal of roughness, irregularities;
  • Bonding of metal parts: used in construction, manufacturing;
  • Manufacturing: tables, tripods, mooring supports, railings and axes, handles for shovels;
  • Sandblasting: surfaces of various materials;
  • Sharpening: drills, cutters, turning tools, chisels, punches, thrust centers and other tools;
  • Drilling and milling: on metal, on plastic materials;
  • 3 roll bending of pipes: for pipes, profiles, fittings;
  • Performance of various types of welding works: laser, ultrasound, thermoplastic pipes, argon apparatus;
  • Performance of various works on metal sheets: bending, folding, cutting;
  • Grinding and grinding works: metal, non-metal materials;
  • Performing work with a circular saw: cold metal, plastic materials, etc.;
  • Performing work with a hydraulic press: metal pressing;
  • Performing work on hydraulic guillotine shears: perform cutting with high precision;
  • Performing oxygen cutting on a plasma machine: gas plasma cutting;
  • Performance of work on the production of glass products: various forms;
  • Performing various works on the glass surface: grinding, hot cutting, creating various inscriptions, drawings, etc.;
  • Performance of works on facing of various surfaces: zinc, nickel, chromium, copper;
  • Production of liquid nitrogen: production of liquid nitrogen.